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Chakra Meditation with Precious Gemstones

Meditation‧Pranayama‧Traditional Yoga Retreat

Sudhir Tiwari

2024. 5. 14 - 18  Hualien Taiwan

​​The Energy of Inner Level with the Universe

Being with nature has always been Sudhir Tiwari’s favorite yoga practice environment. In 2024, we will be in the Hualien Taiwan, a natural environment surrounded by mountains, and practice fully with the meditation and the inner resonance which bring complete relaxation and awareness to the body and mind.

Sudhir Tiwari will introduce Chakra meditation and gemstone energy that are rare in the whole world besides India. Traditional Indian astrology - nine planets, gemstones and corresponding human body chakras will bring concentration and pure energy to meditation beginners, calm uneasy thoughts, and create the personal state of mind suitable for meditation.

This is an inner journey. We all invite you to walk with Nature.

Time / Location           2024.5.14-18, Hualien Taiwan

Retreat Facilatator        Sudhir Tiwari

Chinese Interpretation   Megan Ni

Organizer / Assistant   Helena Weng            


​The Features of the Retreat

1. A relaxing and Aware Yogic Journey

The meditation guidance based on Pranayama, simple and easy-to-understand Indian traditional philosophical theories. In the retreat, we will realize the essence of traditional yoga, relaxed and aware practices, and exploring the fine levels of body, mind and soul.

2. Personal consultation

All participants will have individual consultation with Sudhir Tiwari to have the practices that are unique and based on personal physical and mental state and lifestyle.

3. The retreat is held at Taiwan's first yoga resort, Chuchu, which provides complete hardware and software facilities for yogic practices. The resort provides pure local cuisines which is suitable for the meditation and inner yogic practice. Chuchu resort is located in the natural grassland in the eastern Taiwan longitudinal valley, the participant will get close to the nature, and explore the balance and harmony of body and mind.

4. The retreat will give away a "Nine Planet Gemstone Rosary" (Navaratna Mala) worth NT$3,000 and accompanied by an Indian OIGS gemstone appraisal certificate.

5. The retreat course can be included in the YA Yoga Alliance 30 CE continuing education credit certificate.​



​About Sudhir Tiwari

Sudhir Tiwari grew up surrounded by many masters at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute and studied with his guru Swami Digambarji and his father Shri Om Prakash Tiwari. He obtained the advanced diploma certificate from the institute in 1981 and is one of the few people with complete professional education today. 

Sudhir Tiwari has been focusing on teaching and research for more than ten years, inheriting the philosophical research and scientific evidence of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, traveling around the world, and transferring on the wisdom of traditional yoga philosophy.



The Daily Schedule

0630-0830  Morning Session: Pulse Check, Pranayama and the Preparation of Meditation

0830-1030   Breakfast & Free Time

1030-1200   Lecture: The Practical Application of Mediation and Relatedness

1200-1600   Lunch, Consultations (1500-1600) & Free Time

1600-1700   Asana Session

1710-1810   Pranayama and Meditation 

1810-1840   The Advance of Meditation

1840-           Dinner & Free Time

More details...


Room Style, Contact & Register

  • The promotive price lasts until 25th April. The price is Taiwan dollar.

  • The fee is included the retreat session, the personal consultation with Sudhir Tiwari, 4 nights room and 11 meals of Chuchu resort.

  • The varied local cuisines are provided in Chuchu Resort and you can plan or join local trip in the free time of the retreat.

  • We provide the consultation and the support of Taiwan in-depth travel before or after the retreat. Especially the east longitudinal valley spans across Hualien and Taitung and is blessed with vast landscape and amazing hiking of the mountain and ocean views. 

  •  Contact & Register with Helena 

        Line ID wengwanying

        Whatsapp +886926714815

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